For this unqiue project, we will use the original coaches of the CIWL.  Some of these coaches were preserved, around in Europe.  Because some of these coaches are almost a century old, they are not always in a good shape.


So for starting the project, these coaches has to be purchased and they need a full renovation, which is for each coach a project on its own.


It’s also clear that a project like the O.V.O.E. is not possible without the help of several people, with different expertises.  But they are all combined by one thing : their love for the coaches from the CIWL.


They are mainly owners of original CIWL-coaches, people who have renovated a CIWL-coach, people who worked in the past at the CIWL-workshops, people who have worked on the trains from the CIWL.


Their joint effort makes it possible to restore these original carriages in their original state and thus to preserve a part of our glorious history!


The founder and central figure behind the O.V.O.E. project is Kristof Blomme, civil engineer, former CIWL and great defender for restoring these vehicles to their original condition. He brought the necessary people together and coordinate the renovation and operation of the carriages.



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